Tsubaki Sakura
Tsubaki sakura
A picture of Tsubaki Sakura.
English Tsubaki Sakura
Japanese 佐倉 椿
Hepburn Sakura Tsubaki
Mother  ???
Father  ???
Siblings  ???
Manga His and Her Circumstances
Anime His and Her Circumstances
Voice Actor
Japanese Saeko Chiba
English Lea Lane

Tsubaki Sakura is one of Yukino's friends. A talented athlete, her tomboyish prankster attitude eventually catches up to her in the person of a person from her past, Tonami Takefumi. Initially, she could not recognise Takefumi, who underwent a complete transformation during the three years he was away. Takefumi uses this as leverage in his quest to get revenge on Tsubaki. As time goes by, Tsubaki's never-say-die attitude and Takefumi's realisation that he is in love with Tsubaki calms the conflict between them. After graduating from high school, the two leave Japan to travel the world together. Tsubaki studies at an Egyptian university and eventually becomes a professor of archaeology at an American university. She uses her instincts and capabilities to discover many archaeological sites. And they get Married.